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Rad Grafix


Rad Grafix by Briteline®

As the demand for wall graphics continue to soar, Briteline has the go-to film for the smooth wall applications.

Rad Grafix films by Briteline® represent the pinnacle of performance for producing high-resolution, superb quality wall graphics, floor decals, posters, labels and stickers. The removable adhesive fabrics and vinyl materials can be mounted to any surface and re-positioned countless times - retaining their adhesion without leaving a residue.

Rad Grafix Textile

6 mil wall fabric is a perfect choice when your client likes a little texture to their graphic or wall wrap. The texture is a slight weave pattern similar to what you see on canvas films. Prints beautifully on all ink platforms.

Rad Grafix Vinyl

6 mil wall film with a smooth satin finish. The smooth surface makes for a very clean look when your client is expecting a wall graphic to really pop and be smooth to the touch. The removable adhesive will ensure the wall is not damaged upon removal. Corners will not lift or curl and the 6 mil thickness makes for an effortless install. Can be printed on all ink platforms.

Briteline Window Films


Don’t forget about the windows after you discuss the walls...

Briteline® Window Perforated Film

Briteline® window perf is an excellent choice for all storefront or vehicle advertisements. Offered with a 50/50 or a 65/35 perf pattern. Clean removability for up to one year. Extend the life of your graphics by laminating them with the Briteline® Optically Clear Overlaminate.

Briteline® Duration Transparent Vinyl

Decals printed on a clear film for windows is a common request. IM3205 is a 3.4 mil calendared film that offers great image clarity and color pop. The 90lbs lay flat liner makes printing easy and can be printed on all ink platforms.

Briteline® Low Tack Removable Vinyl

Our low tack removable vinyls are an excellent choice if your client is looking for something other than static cling for window graphics. They are easier to install and remove from windows or solid surfaces with the lower tack level and removable adhesive, leaving no adhesive or residue behind.

Briteline® Printable Static Cling

Available in white or clear, Briteline’s Static Cling is a unique vinyl film that’s inkjet printable and adheres to a variety of smooth surfaces. This flexible calendered vinyl is designed for producing temporary graphics, signage and decals that are easy to position and reposition