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Plastic Substrates

Acrylic, Corrugated Plastic, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate & PVC Sheets

Grimco is your source for all types of plastic sign materials. Our extensive line of corrugated plastic sign board is virtually unmatched in the industry, but we also supply more specialized substrates like ACRYLITE© acrylic panels, Palram polycarbonate sheets, Palight and Ion PVC sheets and polystyrene sheets from PolyOne and New Hampshire Plastics.

Corrugated Plastic Sign Board & Blanks
Corrugated Substrates
Corrugated plastic sign board, blanks and panels available in a variety of shapes, sizes and cuts.


PVC Sign Blanks & Sign Boards
PVC Substrates
PVC substrates including sign blanks, board and sign materials and wholesale prices from brands like iONPVC.